X's Ad Game-Changer: X, once Twitter, disrupts ad landscape, discontinuing "Follower Objective" ads that earn over $100M globally annually.

Ancient Format, Modern Challenges: Promoted accounts, a legacy ad format, lose out as X seeks to embrace dynamic content tools like video.

Format Deprecation: In an email to clients, X announces plans to phase out Follower Objective ads, signaling a shift in content strategy.

Content Over Follower Count: X prioritizes content formats, signaling a shift from follower acquisition to quality content engagement.

Strategic Alternatives: While deprecating Follower Objective ads, X seeks innovative ad routes to meet clients' goals.

Static vs. Dynamic: The move highlights how Follower ads lack the multimedia appeal and innovation X is striving for.

Client Impact: Advertisers that relied on promoted follower ads to target audiences face the challenge of exploring new ad types.

Underlying Driver: The decision stems from X's product group, emphasizing its focus on content innovation over short-term revenue.

Swift Transition: X's client team faces challenges in communicating this sudden change to advertisers.

Profitability Drive: Amid revenue challenges and profitability concerns, X's shift is part of broader efforts to align with evolving market dynamics.

Adaptation Imperative: X's decision reflects the need to adapt to the changing ad landscape and prioritize strategic content formats.