UNIBOT prices skyrocket to $200, rewarding early investors with nearly 200x gains as Telegram-based bots gain popularity.

Revenues and users surge for UNIBOT in the past month, demonstrating its appeal in the crypto market.

The platform connects user wallets to Uniswap, enabling easy token trading via Telegram-based tools.

UNIBOT's market capitalization reaches $180 million, driven by a 40% spike in the past 24 hours.

The platform pays out spot ether (ETH) to token holders based on the revenue generated, making it unique and attractive.

On-chain data reveals UNIBOT garnered 3,600 ether in fees, distributed to token holders since its May launch.

User base steadily grows, touching 6,500 on Thursday compared to 2,000 at the end of June.

Despite average daily volumes standing at $5.5 million, UNIBOT has significant potential compared to leading DEX Uniswap.

The platform's ease of use and fee-sharing appeal to users seeking a convenient alternative to decentralized exchanges.

UNIBOT's confluence of utility and passive payouts creates demand for its tokens, especially during bullish market conditions.