DeFi's in turmoil after a $70M exploit on Curve Finance last week, causing liquidity issues for major lending platforms.

Aave, the leading money market with nearly $5B in TVL, faces soaring borrowing costs for stablecoins.

USDC's borrowing rate on Aave V2 stands at 22%, having spiked to 32% on July 31 due to stablecoin withdrawals.

USDT borrowing rate hits 18%, the highest since March, as traders seek safer options amid USDC concerns.

DAI, the third-deepest stablecoin market on Aave, is costly to borrow at 12% due to increased utilization rates.

Aave's TVL dropped 15% in a week as depositors worry about potential bad debt from the exploit fallout.

Justin Sun withdrew $40.7M of USDT from Aave, briefly spiking the interest rate to 44%.

Curve co-founder Michael Egorov's $148M in CRV tokens backing stablecoin loans adds to the lending platform's risk.

The successful attack on Curve by hackers has DeFi protocols reevaluating their exposure and safety.

Abracadabra, a lending platform, contemplates raising rates on CRV-backed loans to induce repayment.

The concerns surrounding Egorov's positions lead to debates and proposals on interest rate adjustments in Abracadabra.