Ethereum TPS Boost: Starknet's Quantum Leap upgrade on Ethereum mainnet revolutionizes transaction speeds, achieving up to 90 TPS.

Momentous Day for Ethereum: Co-founder and CEO of StarkWare announces the scaling ceiling has been "smashed" with high TPS becoming a reality.

A Quantum Leap for Ethereum: The new update allows for lightning-fast transactions, surpassing expectations and hitting 37 TPS consistently.

Exceeding Expectations: During peak moments, transfer transactions per second nearly reached 100, showcasing the power of the Quantum Leap upgrade.

Testnet Success: Starknet's Quantum Leap was initially deployed in a testnet, recording impressive speeds and reducing time to inclusion to under 10 seconds.

Faster DeFi Applications: Increased throughput and faster inclusion pave the way for speedier decentralized finance applications on the Ethereum network.

Realistic AAA-rated Games: The enhanced TPS capability of Ethereum through Starknet's upgrade enables more realistic gaming experiences within the network.

Supercharged Power Tool: Community given a powerful tool to build what was previously impossible, unleashing new possibilities and creativity.

Streamlined DeFi and Gaming: With the upgrade, DeFi becomes faster and smoother, while on-chain gaming experiences a significant improvement.

Transforming Interactions: Long-term effects of the upgrade will lead to innovative projects, transforming how we interact with technology and each other.

Ethereum's Quantum Leap: Starknet's upgrade propels Ethereum forward, creating a more efficient and dynamic ecosystem for the future of blockchain.