Introduction: AI's Disruptive Power: Uncover the transformative influence of AI on industries, guided by insights from a Meta executive.

AI's Role in Everyday Life: Explore AI's impact on work, learning, and business operations, transforming how we interact with technology.

Mobile Apps and Intelligent Solutions: Delve into AI's role in mobile applications, enabling smart searches and expanded problem-solving capabilities.

Defining Artificial Intelligence: Grasp the essence of AI as a blend of computer science, machine learning, and deep learning for effective problem-solving.

Versatility in Applications: Witness AI's applications, from voice recognition in apps to law enforcement's use of facial recognition technology.

Tech's Pervasive Influence Meta's Head of Global Marketing, Nicole Alexander, highlights technology's integration into society's fabric.

AI's Infiltration into Life: Understand how AI enters daily life through predictive mobile apps and automation of previously human-operated tasks.

Ethics and Caution in AI Nicole: Alexander emphasizes the importance of responsible AI development, diverse training sets, and minimizing harm.

Balancing Innovation with Responsibility: Alexander envisions frameworks for businesses, large and small, to develop ethical AI systems, prioritizing marginalized communities.

Equity in AI Execution: Address the potential biases in AI execution and its impact on marginalized communities, stressing the importance of diverse voices.

AI's Role in Government: Explore AI's positive impact on government functions, including healthcare optimization and urban planning.

Preparing Future Leaders: Learn how Alexander educates graduate students about AI's potential and effects, bridging theory and real-world applications.

Empowering Executives: Discover the crucial role of executives in understanding AI's implications and guiding responsible AI system development.

Societal Transformation Through AI: Realize the power of leaders in fostering responsible AI discussions and shaping the technology's impact on society.