Social media and digital advertising have exploded, intensifying competition. Among the innovators in this space is Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META). With shares doubling recently, the question arises: Sell or buy more?

Meta Platforms is a social media company owning Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. It also develops and sells VR and AR headsets.

In 2022, Meta faced investor backlash for its metaverse and VR experiments. However, a 114% surge in share price in 2023 follows CEO Mark Zuckerberg's pivot towards "efficiency" and growing AI excitement.

Analysts project a 17% revenue growth and 9% earnings per share growth for Meta in 2023, signaling strong prospects for a mature company.

Reasons to consider investing more in Meta include its leadership in social media's growing landscape, profitability, undervaluation, and a talented management team with a track record of success.

Caution is advised due to Meta's high valuation, competition from other social media companies and emerging AR players, increased regulatory scrutiny, and management team's selling activities.

Consider taking profits given Meta's significant share price surge. Waiting for a potential pullback may present an opportunity to buy more shares.

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