Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is creating a Twitter-like app, codenamed "Project 92" or "Threads." It aims to rival Twitter's features and attract early users. Launch expected soon.

Threads, Meta's upcoming app, challenges Twitter with a 500-character post limit. Users may transfer Instagram account info and followers. Advertisers may favour Meta's platform.

As Twitter faces challenges, Meta's Threads poses a credible threat. Advertisers prefer Meta due to safety concerns. Twitter Blue subscription offering struggles.

Meta's vast user base from Facebook and Instagram could challenge Twitter. Brands and celebrities may be drawn to Meta's positive reputation.

Meta's track record in launching apps is weak, but acquiring successful platforms is its strength. If Threads falls short, Meta explores attracting Twitter users to WhatsApp.

Meta aims to become the new town square, but can it unseat Twitter? Many desire an alternative to Twitter's mess.

Twitter's decline in advertising revenue and user loss after Elon Musk's acquisition opens the door for Meta's Threads. Advertisers seek safer platforms, making Meta an attractive choice.

Politicians, journalists, and celebrities favour Twitter, but Meta's extensive user base through Facebook and Instagram poses a challenge. Meta's brand reputation and disillusionment with Musk may drive users to Threads.