Mark Zuckerberg's past remarks about China could hinder Meta's plans to introduce VR headsets to the Chinese market.

Meta aims to sell the Oculus Quest in China, following successful ventures by Tesla and Apple.

However, Zuckerberg's criticism of the Chinese government may be amplified in the current US-China climate.

In 2019, Zuckerberg criticized TikTok for its censorship practices and expressed concerns about China's internet vision.

Meta may face uncertainty and political pressure in China due to officials' views on Zuckerberg.

Balancing China's censorship demands and expectations in the US presents a challenge for Meta.

Meta's history of being banned from China in 2009 adds to the difficulties it may encounter.

Meta could face questioning from Congress about censorship practices in China, similar to Apple's experience.

Negotiations between Meta and Tencent may face challenges if Meta has to testify before Congress.

Meta's path to China mirrors the challenges faced by other American tech giants, such as Roblox and Nintendo.