Coinbase, Kraken to Relist XRP: Following a court ruling, Coinbase and Kraken have decided to reintroduce XRP trading.

Ripple Scores Partial Victory: U.S. District Judge rules XRP is not a security when traded on secondary exchanges.

Coinbase Embraces the Change: Coinbase's chief legal officer announces it's time to relist XRP after the court ruling.

XRP Trading Resumes: Coinbase plans to begin XRP trading later today, pending favorable liquidity conditions.

Ripple's Influence Expands: Gemini considers relisting XRP, exploring both spot and derivatives trading options.

XRP Prices Soar: Following the court ruling, XRP experiences a remarkable surge of over 70% in just one day.

Court Clarifies XRP's Nature: The court declares that XRP itself is not an investment contract, defining its status as a digital token.

Institutional Sales Distinction: The court recognizes that institutional buyers expected profits from Ripple's efforts, setting them apart.

Kraken Joins the Party: Kraken announces the relisting of XRP, offering trading against various fiat pairs and popular cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Stock Skyrockets: Coinbase's stock, COIN, rises by 25%, nearing a 52-week high of $116.

Coinbase Gains SEC Appeal: Coinbase and Cboe establish a surveillance-sharing agreement in hopes of attracting the SEC.