Intel graphics card users on Linux have reason to celebrate as the latest Mesa code (v23.2) brings a significant performance boost.

Mesa's performance optimization has led to impressive frame rate improvements, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive running 11% faster on an Intel Arc A770 graphics card in Linux.

Intel engineer Francisco Jerez revealed that certain performance features accidentally got disabled by the kernel, leading to performance bottlenecks.

The code error affected all DG2 (Arc Alchemist) graphics cards in Linux, but the upcoming users of Intel Meteor Lake integrated graphics will also benefit.

In addition to the 11% improvement in CS:GO, other games like Shadow Of the Tomb Raider and AztecRuins-VK also saw performance gains of approximately 5.5% and 6.5% respectively on a DG2-512 sample (Arc A770).

Notably, there have been no observed performance penalties from the new code, and it is expected to narrow the performance gap between Windows and Linux.

The Mesa 23.2 code improvements are anticipated to reach stable Linux OS distros around late August or September.

With Intel's Arc cards and their relatively less mature driver software, further performance gains are expected on both Linux and Windows, tapping into the untapped potential of the hardware.

Stay tuned for the Mesa 23.2 update and unleash the full gaming power of your Intel graphics card on Linux!