Alef Aeronautics secures FAA certification for its Armada Model Zero, a fully electric flying car, taking a step closer to revolutionizing commutes.

Traffic congestion costs US drivers significantly. Electric aircraft offers a solution to soar above crowded streets.

Most electric aircraft are limited to flying, but true flying cars like the Model Zero can fly and drive on roads.

California-based Alef Aeronautics' Model Zero takes off and lands vertically, aiming for efficient urban mobility.

The FAA certification grants Alef Aeronautics more flexibility for test flights, allowing progress towards environmental-friendly commutes.

Alef plans to use Armada flights to inform the design of the Model A, carrying 1-2 passengers, with 200 miles road range.

Alef takes pre-orders for the $300,000 Model A, expected to deliver revolutionary commuting experiences by 2025.

CEO Jim Dukhovny excitedly anticipates providing environmentally friendly and faster commutes, saving hours each week.

The Model A offers a top road speed of 25 mph and a range of 200 miles, reshaping urban mobility and reducing emissions.

Alef Aeronautics' innovation addresses climate woes and traffic congestion, offering hope for cleaner, more efficient commutes.

The fully electric flying car is set to change how we travel, creating a greener future for urban mobility.