1. Glauber Contessoto: Also known as the 'SlumDoge Millionaire', Glauber Contessoto's rags to riches story is the kind that draws people to crypto.

Contessoto comes from a humble background.

2. Erik Finman:  We all know how Bitcoin has zoomed upwards in the last 10 years, rendering Finman a crypto millionaire.

At the age of 15, he sold $100,000 worth of BTC.

3. Rachel Siegel: Today, Rachel Siegel is a well-known personality in the crypto sphere.

She is a Bitcoin millionaire and the founder of Crypto Finally, a platform that works toward mass adoption of blockchain technology.

4. Kane Ellis: Kane Ellis is now a Bitcoin millionaire and even owns a Maserati.

However, his fortune didn't come from investing. Instead, he took the backdoor and made his money through mining.

5. Tommy and James: Last year, CNN Business carried a story on two brothers from Westchester, New York,

who went from nearly jobless to millionaires overnight.