FinTech Global unveils WealthTech Market Map, a guide for financial institutions navigating the thriving sector.

This launch follows the successful ESG FinTech Market Map introduction earlier this year.

In today's digital age, exceptional customer experiences are non-negotiable for financial firms.

Wealth and asset managers can identify digitalization partners through the Market Map's company profiles.

Companies are categorized into sectors, making it easy to find tailored solutions.

The interactive map groups companies by the sectors they serve, enhancing navigation.

With 327 companies and counting, the Market Map is continually updated with the latest solutions.

WealthTech is booming, with a projected CAGR of 22.69%, reaching $27.8bn by 2027.

The current economic climate urges firms to optimize resources and enhance digitalization.

FinTech Global's Market Map aids decision-makers in selecting the right WealthTech providers.

This initiative follows the release of the ESG FinTech Market Map, catering to evolving financial needs.