BRICS Bank's Currency Resilience - Facing challenges due to sanctions on Russia, the New Development Bank (NDB) eyes increased local currency fundraising to mitigate risks of foreign exchange fluctuations.

South Africa's Concerns and BRICS Summit - South Africa's finance minister emphasizes the importance of boosting local currency usage within NDB, setting the stage for discussions at the upcoming BRICS summit.

Currency De-Risking, Not De-Dollarization - NDB's focus is on reducing risks posed by fluctuating exchange rates rather than entirely moving away from the dollar, especially following recent market dynamics.

Dollar's Impact on Emerging Markets - Dollar's rise against emerging market currencies, driven by events like Russia's actions in Ukraine, has increased borrowing costs for countries.

Member Countries Push for Local Currency Loans - NDB members advocate for loans in local currencies to minimize exchange rate risks, fostering economic stability and resilience.

NDB's Growth and Challenges - NDB, established in 2015, seeks to expand and strengthen local currency lending, while also facing limitations and challenges in navigating global financial realities.

Strategic Local Currency Lending Goals - NDB aims to increase local currency lending from 22% to 30% by 2026, striking a balance between practicality and economic stability.

Unique Currency Composition - While the NDB operates primarily in dollars due to liquidity considerations, it remains responsive to member demands and preferences.

Sanctions and Borrowing Costs - Sanctions against Russia led to elevated borrowing costs for NDB, impacting lending operations and necessitating adjustments.

Future Prospects and Membership Growth - NDB endeavors to attract new members to strengthen its capital base, expand its influence, and bolster its role as a leading emerging market institution.

Governance and Expansion Challenges - Expanding membership might require governance changes to ensure equitable representation and decision-making power within NDB.

Navigating Global Dynamics - Despite challenges, NDB remains committed to its unique shareholder structure and aims to strike a balance between consensus and effective decision-making.