Expectations for a bond market comeback in 2023 fall short as equities surge.

Developed market government bonds yield only 1.2% so far this year.

Analysts with over 70 years of experience weigh in on the state of bond markets.

Charlie Jamieson sees yield opportunities in the longer-end of the curve amid rate hikes.

Tim Toohey suggests holding some bond exposure despite disappointing returns.

Andrew Canobi highlights "trifecta of tailwinds" supporting bonds: slowing inflation, little growth, and near-cycle highs in yields.

RBA's August pause sparks debate among experts about future rate movements.

Bond fund inflows top $500 million, indicating growing interest from retail investors.

Charlie views re-established yield as healthy for bonds, predicts increased activity.

Tim emphasizes the importance of understanding bonds' role without delving into technicalities.

Andrew praises increased interest in bonds among advisers but acknowledges the need for more education.