Brace for shifts in Amex's Platinum Card, including adjustments to user fees and entertainment perks.

The spotlight falls on an unwelcome update: increased authorized user fees.

Brace yourself for a fee jump as additional Platinum cards now cost $195 each, marking a significant leap.

Expect personalized legal notices that reveal when the revised fee structure will take effect.

You'll still pay $175 for the first three Platinum cards if you're an existing cardholder.

However, for those with larger card families, the hefty increase might prompt a reevaluation of card strategies.

Meanwhile, the realm of digital entertainment credits is undergoing its transformation.

The list of eligible subscription services now includes The Wall Street Journal, with Audible being phased out.

Not just fees, the minimum spend requirement for new Platinum cardholders is also on the rise.

As changes ripple through, the Platinum Card's allure evolves, beckoning cardholders to recalibrate their approaches.