1: Welcome to the world of AI-generated images! This exciting blend of art and technology opens doors to endless possibilities.

2: Choose your tools wisely. Platforms like Runway ML and Artbreeder offer user-friendly interfaces to craft unique visuals.

3: Start with a concept. Whether abstract or specific, a clear idea helps guide the AI model towards your desired outcome.

5: Adjust parameters thoughtfully. Tweak elements like color palette, textures, and composition to refine the AI's creation.

6: Patience is key. Generating AI images can take time. While you wait, brainstorm monetization avenues.

7: Monetization Method 1: Print your AI art on merchandise like posters or apparel, using print-on-demand services for a hands-off approach.

8: Monetization Method 2: Sell digital copies as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on blockchain platforms, tapping into the booming digital art market.

9: Monetization Method 3: Offer custom AI-generated images to businesses for branding, marketing, or product design.

10: Promote your creations across social media platforms, art communities, and your WordPress blog to build a dedicated audience.

11: Remember, success takes time. Continuously improve your AI image skills, experiment with styles, and explore new ways to maximize your earnings.