Game-Changing Investment: Discover how Founders Factory Africa (FFA) secured $114 million to drive African tech innovation, offering more than just capital with its hybrid investment model.

FFA's Distinctive Model: Unveil FFA's successful blend of venture studio and VC strategies, providing early-stage founders with investment, operational support, and market access.

Strategic Partnerships: Learn how partnerships with Mastercard Foundation and Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures enhance FFA's mission to empower startups and scale its impact.

Diverse Focus Areas: While FFA initially concentrated on fintech, agtech, and health tech, witness the expansion into emerging sectors like logistics tech, e-commerce, clean tech, enterprise tech, and HR recruitment.

Empowering Women Founders: Explore FFA's intentional approach towards gender balance, promoting diversity by supporting over 20% of women-founded and women-led startups in its portfolio.

Nondilutive Capital: Understand how FFA's catalytic funding provides startups with support and resources without sacrificing equity, helping founders explore business models.

A Continuous Relationship: Learn how FFA's ongoing relationships with partners and LPs differentiate its approach, enabling startups to leverage corporate assets and expertise.

Vision for the Future: Gain insights from FFA's founders, Bongani Sithole and Alina Truhina, on the evolution of their model and their commitment to supporting African entrepreneurs.

Founders Factory Africa's groundbreaking approach and substantial investment are set to reshape the African tech ecosystem, fostering growth, innovation, and inclusivity.