Binance Academy and Coursera have teamed up to launch a suite of learning programs, empowering individuals in blockchain, web3, and crypto technologies.

The collaboration aims to provide learners with a foundational understanding of blockchain and equip them with skills to pursue careers in the industry.

Successful completion of the courses will earn learners a digital certificate, validating their knowledge in blockchain and related fields.

Binance co-founder Yi He emphasizes the importance of education in making blockchain accessible to all and driving adoption of web3 technologies.

Coursera's chief content officer, Marni Baker Stein, highlights the significance of learning blockchain skills as new job roles emerge in the industry.

The programs, developed by Binance Academy experts, will consist of courses featuring video lectures, readings, assessments, and projects.

This partnership strengthens Binance Academy's global education initiatives, complementing existing multimedia content and outreach programs.

Learners worldwide can access self-paced online courses to acquire essential skills and thrive in the dynamic blockchain industry.

Binance Academy and Coursera's collaboration aims to provide best-in-class education and build the foundations for the future of Web3 technologies.

Through this partnership, learners will have access to industry-leading expertise, ensuring they are well-prepared for blockchain-related opportunities.

The comprehensive programs offered by Binance Academy and Coursera reflect their shared vision of advancing blockchain education worldwide.