Accenture's big bet: $3 billion into generative AI, aiming to double data and AI experts to 80,000.

A transformation journey: leveraging AI to enhance client work, internal operations, and workflow.

Interview with Paul Daugherty, Accenture's take on generative tools like ChatGPT.

Generative AI's impact – Paul's top four tech amazements, including large language models.

Real challenges: businesses struggle to apply generative AI effectively, prioritizing investments.

Data-backed confidence: 98% of executives believe generative AI is vital for future strategies.

Accenture's approach: five application categories - create, automate, advise, protect, code.

Real-world use cases: from content creation to automating back-office processes.

The "protect" angle: enhancing safety outcomes with real-time facility insights.

Unleashing LLMs: coding efficiency with super-human language model capabilities.

Accenture's vision: $3B investment in AI, AI Navigator tool, and the path to responsible AI.